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Ready for the #Adobe #CreateNow World Tour #postpro #premiere  (à Cinéma Excentris)

Ready for the #Adobe #CreateNow World Tour #postpro #premiere (à Cinéma Excentris)

Consolidating #Avid #Postpro #igersmontreal #TVPost #Editing

Consolidating #Avid #Postpro #igersmontreal #TVPost #Editing


Conflict in Literature


Conflict in Literature

Mac or PC editing workstation?

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about investing in an editing workstation. So far the big decision for me is to know if go PC or Mac.

To be completely honest, I have always been a PC kind of guy. I even own a Windows Phone and I feel comfortable in the Microsoft ecosystem. However, the video industry has always been very Mac oriented, and that´s the thing stopping me from going Windows all the way.

That, plus the fact that the iOS ecosystem is almost a monopoly here in Canada is what is making me consider switching to Mac.

So, let’s weight the two options pros:


  • More accessible.
  • More system options.
  • Better customization of the system.
  • Touch-screen (great for graphic programs).
  • The Adobe Suite and Avid run better on it. Plus Sony Vegas.
  • Easier to upgrade in the future.


  • No viruses.
  • More stable.
  • Runs Avid, Adobe plus Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Smoke.

I was also considering going with Linux (Ubuntu Studio) now that Lightworks is running on it, but my fiancée also needs here Photoshop, so we should stick to Mac or PC.

How is your experience with this? Any suggestions?


Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Harrison Ford